SWFA 2017
Annual Conference
Little Rock, AR

The SWFA welcomes participation in its 2017 Annual Conference.

Participation can be in the form of presenting a paper, discussing a paper, or putting together a panel session on a topic of interest.

Plan to attend, participate, and enjoy the Southwestern culture of Little Rock.

  March 8 to 11, 2017
  Statehouse Convention Center
  Little Rock, Arkansas USA

SWFA 2016-17 Officers

President Directors
  Susana Yu   John Banko
  Montclair State University   University of Florida
Vice President/Program Chair   M. Kabir Hassan (past president)
  Marilyn Wiley   University of New Orleans
  University of North Texas    
      William Hudson
Vice President/Events   St. Cloud State University
  Maria E. de Boyrie    
  New Mexico State University   Susan J. Crain
      Missouri State University
  Thomas Thompson   Shari Lawrence
  University of Texas at Arlington   Nicholls State University
Webmaster   Andrew Lynch
  Dan W. French   University of Mississippi
  University of Missouri    


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